The Tokyo Type Directors Club
Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021
Entry Guidelines for Overseas Residents

The Tokyo Type Directors Club (Tokyo TDC) was founded in 1987 to pursue the possibilities of visual expression of letters and/or words. We invite entries from all around the world for “Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2021” .

Under the COVID-19 pandemic:
Considering the handling situation of international postal mail in Japan and the safety of the jury, Tokyo TDC has made the tough decision of adopting an online method for entry and selection. All works are submitted as data, and we will select 400 works to be included in the Annual Book. Subsequently, we will nominate 100 works from these 400 and will request the nominees to send their actual works to us. We will then decide on the prize-winning works based on a viewing of the actual works. The screening will be conducted in these two phases. We will appreciate/assess the submitted artworks very carefully. We are very looking forward to taking a look at all the designs being sent in.

ADeadline for submission

October 27, 2020


① No special qualifications are needed to submit an entry. TDC requires that Applicants must be the Type Director of their works.

② Entries must have been produced between September 2019 and the deadline. (For entries submitted outside the entry period, reasons must be entered in the Entry form. )

③ If a part of the series of works was produced outside the entry period, state that as such. 

④ Foreign nationals who reside in Japan are requested to view and use the entry guidelines for Japanese residents.

⑤ Entries of course assignments by groups of students will not be accepted. All entries by students must be done individually.

 ③ Supplementary explanation : Examples of production year in case of a series of works

 ・A series of books for which one book has been published every year from 2017 was completed in this year.

 ・Production began in 2017 and was completed in this year.

 ・The artwork was produced in 2017 and presented in this year.

 ・The artwork was produced in 2017 and presented in 2020 after making some changes.


1. Small Graphics

Calendar, Record Jacket, Flier, Ticket, Invitation, DM, Catalog, Pamphlet etc.


2. Editorial / Book Design


3. Type Design


4. Mark & Logotype / CorporateStationery / Branding

Mark & Logo / Logotype, their systems, Motion Logo, CI, VI, Corporate stationery, Brand design including logo and entire design for it.(Advertisement in Branding must be submit to category 6)


5. Signage & Display / Packaging


6. Advertising

Newspaper&Magazine Advertisement / Poster A = Advertising Poster / Advertising Campaign, etc.


7. Poster B

For poster entries not included in category 6

Independently produced posters and experimental posters should be submitted to Poster B category, not to Experimental Work“.


8. Experimental Work

For entries not included in the other categories.


9. Web site / Application


10. Video (Music video, live video, movie title, film advertising, digital signage, and spatial/background video, etc.)  


11. RGB Experimental

For entries not included in the category 9,10.




Gugi Akiyama / Katsumi Asaba* / Tota Hasegawa / Kazunari Hattori* / Noriaki Hayashi / Naomi Hirabayashi* / Tsuguya Inoue* / Kaoru Kasai* / Atsuki Kikuchi* / Issay Kitagawa* / Akira Kobayashi / Gento Matsumoto* / Kiyonori Muroga / Masayoshi Nakajo* / Norio Nakamura* / Yugo Nakamura* / Naoko Nakui / Daijiro Ohara / Yukimasa Okumura* / Taku Satoh* / Katsuhiko Shibuya* / Shin Sobue* / Mina Tabei / Fumio Tachibana* / Yui Takada / Ryoji Tanaka* / Yoshihisa Tanaka / John Warwicker / Shirai Yoshihisa
* = from TDC Annual Awards management committee

Special jurors for Type Design

Shigenobu Fujita / Akira Kobayashi / Ryoko Nishizuka / Shin Sobue / Osamu Torinoumi  / John Warwicker / Qiu Yin

Jurors for categories 9, 10, and 11

Tota Hasegawa / Kazunari Hattori / Gabin Ito / Kaoru Kasai / Atsuki Kikuchi / Yosuke Kurita / Gento Matsumoto / Yugo Nakamura / Taku Satoh / Ryoji Tanaka

* Jurors will not vote for their own entries or those submitted by students they instructed directly.


Steps from entry to the selection of prize-winning works

① Deadline for digital data submission: October 27, 2020

② Selection of excellent works: 400 excellent works will be selected in mid-November 2020.

③ Selection of prize nominee works: We will email the entrants of the top-100 nominated works (without category 3, 9, 10 and 11) in mid-November and will request that the nominees send their actual works to the TDC office in Tokyo while ensuring that the works are received.

④ Selection of prize-winning works: Prize-winning works will be selected in mid-December 2020 by displaying the 100 actual works.

FEvaluation and Others

Prize and Prize Money

Grand Prize : 1 entry / TDC Prize : 6 entries / Type Design Prize : 1 entry / Book Design Prize : 1 entry / RGB Prize : 1 entry (All categories are eligible for this prize) / Special Prize (not subject to prize money) : 0 ~ 2 entries


Entrants of prize winning works will receive their prize money and the diploma at an award ceremony at the TDC exhibition in April 2021.

Grand Prize : JPY200,000 / Other Prizes : JPY100,000

Prize Nominee Work and Excellent Work

“Prize Nominee Work” means an entry shortlisted for a prize but not selected as a prize winning work.

“Excellent Work” means an entry, other than the above, which is selected to appear in the annual book.

* A certification of the result (digital file) will be sent to entrants.


Announcement of both prize winning works and prize nominee work

Announcement of both prize winning works and prize nominee works will be made around the middle of January 2021 at this site.

Notification to Entrants

Notification of prize winning work, prize nominee work and excellent work will be sent by the mid-January 2021 along with a request for the provision of credited manuscripts and image data.

Notification of rejection will be sent by email at the end of January 2021.



Prize winning and prize nominee works will be exhibited at TDC exhibition. Excellent works that earn high marks will be also exhibited. TDC exhibition will be held in April 2021 at the ginza graphic gallery in Tokyo.

*Showings at other exhibitions not specified here are considered to be approved by entrants without permission.

Annual Book

The international edition of Tokyo TDC, Vol.32 -The Best in International Typography & Design will be published in the end of 2021.

*No complimentary copies of the annual book will be provided.

HSteps for Entry

① Registering the entry

▶︎ TOKYO TDC 2021 Entry Registration (Google Form)

Register the entrant’s name and personal information, with an outline of the submission (category, title, Short Explanation, production / created date of the work, data to be submitted, etc.).

* If you submit multiple entries, number them as 1, 2, 3, etc., as the “Entry No”.
* For those who are unable to use the Google Form, please download this PDF and email an entry registration. E-mail : / Title : TOKYO TDC 2021 Entry Registration

② Get the Entry ID

When entry registration is completed, TDC will issue one Entry ID to one entrant (within one day). We will send your Entry ID to you via email.

③ Upload the digital image of the work

1) Prepare the data. Please refer to here.
Image filename: Use the filename shown below for entry.
“Category No._your Entry ID_Entry No._a” (If there are multiple JPEG files in the same series, add b, c, etc., at the end.)


2) Put all the submitted works in one folder and ZIP them.

3) Log into your Google account.
* If you do not have a Google account, please sign up for a Google account.
* If you cannot sign up, upload data to an available data transmission service or your server and inform the secretariat via email of the URL from which the data can be downloaded. E-mail : / Title : TOKYO TDC 2021 Works Data “
(your) Entry ID”

4) After logging in, enter your Entry ID.
▶︎ TOKYO TDC 2021 Works Data

The Entry ID and email address used for registration are required.

Click “Add a File” and upload and send all your entries.

* If you need to modify your data after completing your upload, re-upload only the modified data. (Use the same filename for both the old and new files.)
* The term “file” here refers to singular JPEG, PDF, and other files/video data files (MOV, MP4), etc., (i.e., a “file” as the smallest unit of stored collected data); meaning, the term does not refer to a folder containing multiple files or to a compressed ZIP folder.

IEntry format

* “Explanatory material” refers to a video within 30 seconds in length that can be additionally attached in order to show the print texture or to promote understanding regarding a book, etc. (About 50MB). Submission is optional, and no additional entry fee is required.

JEntry fee and Paying entry fees

Entry fee

JPEG : Single Entry 50 USD (student 30 USD) / Series Entry 100 USD (student 70 USD)   < Category 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


PDF:Series Entry 100 USD (student 70 USD)   < Category 3


Motion Logo (additional fee):20 USD   < Category 4


Variable fonts (additional fee):20 USD   < Category 3


Web site・Application:Single 50 USD (student 30 USD)  < Category 9


MOV / MP4:Within 3 minutes  50 USD (student 30 USD)  / 3 minutes or more 100 USD (student 70 USD)    < Category 10, 11


•Adding additional JPEG and PDF images for Series Entry = 50 USD for every 5 images
•If the Explanatory Material’s movie is longer than 30 seconds : under 3 minutes = additional 50 USD / over 3 minutes = additional 100 USD


•Entry fee calculation examples are provided herein.

Paying entry fees

Calculate the entry fee and pay under the entrant’s name. Enter the entry ID in Add a note.


Entries fees will be collected via PayPal.

Please access the URL below.

 1) Enter the sum of entry fees.

 2) Login to your PayPal account.

 3) Make payment via credit card.

◎ Deadline for the payment of entry fees: By October 30, 2020.

KContact information


1) The TDC annual book will be produced basically using the digital files provided by applicants. Due to technical and organizational constraints, TDC reserves the right to determine the trimming and cutout of the images requested by the annual book’ s designer without permission from the applicants. TDC will photograph the entry works if need be.

2) The layout of the annual book and Exhibition is done in accordance with the editing format and policy of the TDC annual book and Exhibition. We will not accommodate special requests from entrants.

3) Entrants grant TDC the right to reproduce the images of entries for promotional purposes.

4) Prize winning, prize nominee and excellent works will appear in the Tokyo TDC annual book, the digital archive and presumably in other various media including website. Taking this into consideration, applicants must be responsible for all the conceivable issues of copyright. TDC takes no responsibility for copyright issues.

5) Entries which do not follow the entry guidelines, or which the jury consider inappropriate, or which contravene the rights of others will be disqualified from the competition. TDC reserves the right to disqualify entries based on these conditions even after notification has been made that they are prize winning, prize nominee or excellent works. When doubts about whether a work conflicts with the copyrights of others arise after the annual book is issued, the producer of the controversial work and the corresponding third person are responsible for solving the problem. Tokyo TDC takes no responsibility in such matters.

Q & A

Q. Regarding JPEG files, are there any limitations on content amount?

A. We do not set any limitations on content amount for JPEG files (such as only one poster or only one package per JPEG file), but it would be hard to appreciate the work if a JPEG file was excessive in content. Although we do not limit these aspects, please see the example image as mentioned above as a guideline for reference.

Q. What is the difference between a single work and a series of works?

A. For categories 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, it would be a single work if only one image is submitted for one work, while it would be a series of works if two or more images are submitted. For category 3 (Type Design), we accept only a series of works (two to 10 images) because only one PDF file is insufficient for entry.

Q. Can one work be submitted by multiple persons?

A. Yes, it can. Please enter the entrant names as the entrant name (Type Director). However, enter a group name, etc., if four or more persons jointly submit one work.

Q. What should I do if I want to submit 10 or more JPEG images for one entry?

A. If you submit more than 10 images, please add USD 50 to your entry fee for each block of one to five images over 10 images. (For example, if you submit 14 images [i.e., in the block from 11 images to 15], the entry fee would be USD 150; while, therefore, for 21 images the fee would be USD 250, and so forth.)

Q. It’s not possible to limit my explanatory material (for videos) to within 30 seconds. What should I do?

A. If you cannot limit your explanatory material (for video) to within 30 seconds, we will see the explanatory material as part of the work itself. Please add a video entry fee (within three minutes: USD 50; longer than three minutes: USD 100) to your main entry fee.

Q. I want to make more than 10 entries, but the number of columns in the entry registration format (in Google Forms) is insufficient.

A. If the total number of entries is more than 10, please make multiple entry registrations and indicate “2nd registration” or “3rd registration” in the remarks space.

Q. Can I submit a work that I have submitted to another competition?

A. Yes, you can.