TDC2020 : Exhibition View

We have been looking very forward to opening the TDC Exhibition for
Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2020 at Ginza Graphic Gallery.
The exhibition is scheduled to be opened from June 22nd.Further information will be updated on the TDC homepage.

To get a head start, here is the exhibition video.

Here are the list of all the works displayed at the exhibit.
TDC 2020 Exhibition list

There are a total of 137 works which include: prize winning works,
nominated works, and works which were highly rated.

*The Annual Book “Tokyo TDC, Vol.31”, introducing 415 artworks
including the ones at the exhibition, Japanese version will be
published from DNP Art Communications and is scheduled to be published late September.
The international version will be published from AZUR after that.
We will individually send out emails to everyone concerning the
detailed information on the publication attaching the image of the
pages with your works.