TDCItakura, Keiko

Itakura, Keiko

Itakura, Keiko

Project Area :

Graphic Design / Advertising Design / Signage / Packaging / Book Design, Editorial / Type Design / Illustration / CI, VI, Branding, Consulting / Movie / Interiors / Education / Business Licenses / Spatial Design / Editing / Intellectual Property Management / Printing and Production






Art Director / Graphic Designer

making new brand, advertising and graphic design as a mode of expression for selling things, while also producing artwork that looks like something different from that economic process. The company`s fresh perspective is based on thinking of visual design as a form of communication that can help people. Recently, its work has expanded beyond visual design into sculptural artwork and store design, while also extending aggressively into charity work. Up until now, the main clients have included SHISEIDO, P&G, Nestle, Unicharm, Wacoal, Asahi, Suntory, Sunstar, Parco, GAP, DIESEL, Sony Music Records, BMG Japan, Victor Entertainment, Ipsa, ettusais, DAHON, AYURA, ONWARD, KDDI, Yokumoku, Milbon, LOTTE, Recruit. etc.

I love “open mind”.

Team work


Thinking SDGs

Thinking what is BRAND

  • Rebranding “ettusais
    Rebranding “ettusais" ( Cosmetic)/ 2019
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  •  |
  • Branding “GLENA
    Branding “GLENA" ( GLENA smoothie) / GLENA JAPAN / 2019
  • Rebranding “San-ai Resort” (Apparel)/ 2019 |branding
    Rebranding “San-ai Resort” (Apparel)/ 2019