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The vivid things in the world can ultimately be compressed into a beautiful book…

Kent was an American painter, writer, and adventurer in the 20th century. Most of Kent’s prints are character-driven, with beautiful, fully formed figures, expressing a sense of human nobility and dignity, celebrating human heroic feelings, and praising human creativity.

This book is a collection of Kent’s works. Kent’s creations are so diverse that the book is divided into different sections according to the genre of his works and different materials of paper are used to display the contents of each section. The images of the works in the book show multi-layered variations, using different papers and printing methods to correspond with each other. The text layout also unfolds according to the spatial layout of the images as much as possible. The designer also participated in the editing of the book, adding a large number of manuscripts and texts of the works in addition to the official ones. The cover is made of dark blue washed cowhide, which gives the book a soft and wearable feel. The three sides of the book are made with different techniques to give it a layered feel, and the word “Kent” is embossed on the cover, expressing the futuristic and sublime sense of Kent’s work. The design of the book presents the artistic power and vitality of Kent’s works, restoring and presenting them in a touchable form, striving to achieve the combination and unity of form and quality.

Nanjing Han Qing Tang Design

Zhao Qing [China]

A member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) and a member of the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA). In 2000, He founded “Han Qing Tang Design Co. Over the years, he has been dedicated to the practice and research of graphic design in various fields, and his personal works have won awards or been selected in almost all important graphic design competitions and exhibitions worldwide. And won the UK D&AD Yellow Pencil Award, New York ADC Gold Cube Award, New York One Show Design Silver Pencil Award, New York TDC, Germany Red dot, IF, Russia Golden Bee Award, Japan JTA Best Awards, Shenzhen Graphic Design in China GDC Best Awards, Shenzhen Global SDA Gold Award, Hong Kong Global GDA Gold Award, Asia’s Most Influential DFA Award and Gold Award, Taiwan Golden Annual Best Award, and many other international design awards. His book design works have won the title of “The Most Beautiful Book” more than 30 times.