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Han Gao

Frankenstein Itself

Han Gao|Frankenstein Itself

Frankenstein Itself is a typographical reinterpretation of the wide-known literature. Taking a thorough and extreme method, the book was designed from scratch. Structured from an odd typeface where the letters are displaced, mixed and reorientated, the book approached itself with a content-wise self-awareness. Intentionally, I was trying to capture the moment where the relation between designing and being designed reached a balance, thus, as a designer, my position could finally be part of the work, and the book could ultimately stand for itself.

Han Gao

Han Gao [China]

Han Gao is a creative director and graphic designer. Born in Beijing in 1995, He graduated from Yale University School of Art MFA program in 2022, and co-founded the Workbyworks Studio in 2018. His works have been awarded Tokyo TDC Prize, DIELINE Award, Pentawards Platinum Award, New York TDC, 360 Award etc. Clients, commissioners and collaborators have included Apple, Nike, IBM, Kappa, H&M, Guggenheim Museum, Xander Zhou.