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Tomohiro Okazaki


Tomohiro Okazaki|SHIKOU SHITEN 2022

Curated together with the print processing company Fukunaga Print Co., Ltd., “Shikou Shiten” is a project in which three designers from different fields develop new products made from paper. This work, comprising movies to advertise the project’s presentation in 2022, was designed to unfold on three different time levels: a teaser video that outlines the project, a video announcing the exhibition, and a catalogue video introducing at once the designers and their respective products. The basic idea behind the project was to explore in a fun way how designers perceive paper in the first place. For the design of these movies, I chose an approach that was different from how graphic designers have been dealing with paper up to now. Assuming that the structure of paper itself, and the sense of movement that emerges from its physical property, can become a vehicle for carrying information, I created designs as a visual experience by putting letters onto that framework. The stop-motion movies were entirely assembled manually.

Tomohiro Okazaki

Tomohiro Okazaki [Japan]

Born 1981 in Kanagawa. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Design, in 2003. After working for an advertising agency and a design office, he established his own design studio SWIMMING in September 2011. With a basic attitude founded in graphic design, he has been active in the field of design regardless of the scope of work, while applying viewpoints of culture and economy alike, and flexibly interconnecting formats based around visual communication, such as printed publications, videos and exhibition. He has been fascinated by the potentials of design work as an opportunity to confront worlds and matters that are alien to himself; as an act of connecting with people and society; and as an occasion for discovering and participating in the perception and construction of the visible world.