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Yoko Yuki

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket

Yoko Yuki|In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket

This work started off with the idea to extract a number of pictures from daily entries in a picture diary, and make them into an animated movie. In order to preserve the fresh impression of each day, I drew the respective picture on the first page of a small flip book, and then took the lines from that page and made them “move” across the following pages. As a result, unable to stand still, the lines all get involved with each other within the picture, and lead into the next scene, either in concert or in dissonance. The way one idea triggered the next while the story was pushed forward without a clue where it might end, felt like witnessing the formation of a dream. As the animations that came out of this were fairly disconnected from the meanings of the original diary entries, I decided to write new poems for the newly drawn pictures. After each new poem came a new picture, which again inspired a new poem, and at some point during that procedure, I asked Mr. honninman, who was in charge of music, to recite the poems. So I had pictures, poems, a voice and music that I all threw together, to the point where I thought, “this should be enough…” This is how the project started from the visual format of a diary, which was then translated into poems (letters and a voice) and back again, and while playing around with these things, everything fell together until the final work came out. I feel that this effort has been understood or sensed, and honored with this award, and I am very happy about this. Thank you very much!

Yoko Yuki

Yoko Yuki [Japan]

Born in 1987, Aichi, Japan, currently based in Tokyo. 
She loved painting and playing with video cameras since childhood, so she found the fun in animation. 
Her video arts and painting in a variety of materials are inspired by everyday events.
Her main works are “See ya Mr.Banno!” which is based on vague and mysterious memories from her childhood, “Zdravstvuite!” depicting a day with a stranger she met in a seaside town, “A Snowflake into the Night” adapted from a poem by contemporary artist Tomoko Konoike, and the music video “ShalaBonBon” co-produced with musician BonnouShimizu.Her current short ”In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket/Mini-Mini-Pokke no Okina Niwa de” premieres in 75th Locarno Film Festival in Pardi di domani section.