TDCMio Iizawa + Shunya Hagiwara + Yurie Hata
RGB Prize
Mio Iizawa + Shunya Hagiwara + Yurie Hata


Mio Iizawa + Shunya Hagiwara + Yurie Hata|TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs

TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs is a “data bookstore” that sells the “data” of a wide variety of books produced by participating writers. It sells book data that allows readers to enjoy various reading experiences by “downloading” to a PC or hard copy. Starting in 2017, we held annual real events to explore the possibilities of “books” as media. Then, in 2020, our fourth year, while thinking about what kinds of activities we wanted to do as TRANS BOOKS, the theme that evolved was “download.” We think that, as people’s lives are rapidly going online, there may still be a tactile sense of media and possibilities for communication that have been overlooked. So, we opened TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs in response to the question of whether it would be possible to explore new expressions and experiences by selling the “data” of books that include the download destination media in the specifications.

As the various rules and frameworks are changing, we are very pleased that our attempt is valued at the TDC Awards. Thank you for presenting us with this wonderful award.

Mio Iizawa + Shunya Hagiwara + Yurie Hata

Thinking about present-day “books” that continue to spread midway between the past and the future, TRANS BOOKS is a bookstore in all kinds of media. The management team consists of three people, Mio Iizawa (artist), Shunya Hagiwara (web designer), and Yurie Hata (graphic designer). We began in 2017, viewing “books” as media that transcend digital and analog forms and as platforms that provide the opportunity to think about expressions. For the three years until 2019, we held a book event for only two days each year. As a new attempt in 2020, we opened a data bookstore called TRANS BOOKS DOWNLOADs on the Internet.




Mio Iizawa

Shunya Hagiwara

Yurie Hata