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Gento Matsumoto

The Constitution of JAPAN

Gento Matsumoto|The Constitution of JAPAN
Gento Matsumoto|The Constitution of JAPAN

Design goes beyond the imaginative power of the economy.

This is where the significance of TDC lies.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I received this year’s award.

People have reexamined society, life, and the body from a perspective that they did not have before. This has made them strongly aware of the obvious fact that society, life, and the body are closely connected to the nation.

I edited the Constitution of Japan with a focus on design/composition based on the constitutional text and postwar Japanese art under the Constitution. While my work openly deals with the nation-state and expression, the text and the art works essentially deal with the lives that must follow the framework of the nation.

Design is life.

The design is to supplement, amplify, and provoke the changing lifestyle from all directions, without being called a “new lifestyle” by anyone.

This award in this first year when the life has been completely transformed will be the foundation for “life = design” henceforth. This is the stance that TDC seems to be adopting.

If that is so, then it is an even more honorable award.

Gento Matsumoto

Gento Matsumoto
Born in Tokyo. Since the dawn of DTP, Gento Matsumoto has been energetically working on graphic design and digital media. In recent years, he has been involved in the concept design/editing of digital and paper composite media such as “BCCKS” and “1000 Bunko.” He has received numerous awards, including the ADC Award, TDC Award, Multimedia Grand Prix, Japan Software Grand Prize, The Best Interactive Awards, and more.