TDCMei Shuzhi + Lian Jie + Li Xibin
TDC Prize
Mei Shuzhi + Lian Jie + Li Xibin

Big, or Small

Mei Shuzhi + Lian Jie + Li Xibin|Big, or Small
Mei Shuzhi + Lian Jie + Li Xibin|Big, or Small

“Big, or Small” exhibition is an experimental subject, organized by Mei Shuzhi and co-curated by Lian Jie and Li Xibin. The exhibition is a study about Chinese scale relationship, which explores the position of Chinese in the current design context. We also attempt to search the original logic of new visual language through this process.

“Big, or Small_RGB” video is a dynamic display at this exhibition. It shows the “forced invasion” of Chinese to the Western context in the form of video, and explores the establishment of the visual presentation state of Chinese in the context of the western languages design system. “Big, or Small – RGB” video consists of 26 translated clips, capturing the instant moment of translation between English to Chinese by Google Translate APP. What’s important is that these contents are generated by machines rather than human beings. Because of the imprecision and randomness resulted in machine grabbing, the conflict between Chinese and Western languages is strange, disordered and playful.

Mei Shuzhi + Lian Jie + Li Xibin

Mei Shuzhi

Mei Shuzhi, is the Art Director of 702design. He is looking for freshness and interest from life, to make design explore more  possibilities in life. Awards: New York ADC 96th Gold Award, 2019 Tokyo TDC Prize, DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 Grand Award with Special Mention/Gold Award, GDC 2017/2019 Best AwardsThe 9th National Exhibition of Book Design Gold Award, HKDA Global Design Awards 2019 Gold Award etc. Originator and co-curated exhibtions: “SUPER PHOTO” exhibition “Big, or Small” exhibition etc.


Lian Jie

Lian Jie, is the Art Director of L-A-B DESIGN, the studio was founded by him and Bu Fan in Beijing in 2013. Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, he has won Tokyo TDC Book Design Prize, Design for Asia Gold Award, GDC Jury Award, Gold Award, Red Dot Award. His works are permanently collected by National Museum of China and CAFA Art Museum.


Li Xibin

Graduated from the China Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Founder / Partner of DTZW Design studio. In 2011, the brand “TRIPLE-MAJOR” won the TDC Annual Award. In 2015, invited as International Reviewer of the 2016 Tokyo TDC Association. “TRIPE-MAJOR” won the 2017 <We Retail Awards> in the UK in 2017. In 2017, “27 KHOSHA” restaurant brand design won the TOKYO TDC Association nomination award.