TDCMichael Amzalag + Mathias Augustyniak, M/M(Paris)
Grand Prize
Michael Amzalag + Mathias Augustyniak, M/M(Paris)

Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées

Michael Amzalag + Mathias Augustyniak, M/M(Paris)|Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées
Michael Amzalag + Mathias Augustyniak, M/M(Paris)|Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées

M/M (Paris) see Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées as an entire world: a tangible universe situated on the Champs-Élysées, ‘the world’s most beautiful avenue’. Through their typeface and scenography design, they wish to create an intimate experience for each visitor that steps into the store.

The visual identity for Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées is based on two dice. Although appearing almost identical, the twelve faces display a different geometric mark, that when assembled together, establishes a simple graphic language. By placing the two dice together an emblem is formed by the meeting of opposite corners. In pairing the various faces of the dice, 432 different combinations are produced.

Using the twelve faces of the dice, a modular and variable alphabet has also been constructed within which the logotype is set. As a result of the typeface’s flexible nature, the twenty-six letters, numbers and symbols can be transformed into various narrow or elongated compositions, adapting to any format. The typeface can be applied at both large and small scales, from signage to smaller items, such as packaging and stationary.

All aspects are supported by an underlying square grid, within which each graphic element sits harmoniously. In this way, the identity is both variable and consistent at the same time. The geometric forms have been further adapted to create decorative patterns, which complement the bold typeface.

Michael Amzalag + Mathias Augustyniak, M/M(Paris)

M/M (Paris)

Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak established M/M (Paris) as a graphic design studio in 1992.

M/M (Paris) has developed collaborations across cultural fields such as art, music, fashion, architecture, design and theatre. Amzalag and Augustyniak conceive their work as a sustained body. They understand their practice to be in the production of a series of signs, images as signifying entities, which they are constantly reshuffling to create their own language. Rejecting the simple service-providing framework, they encourage a productive relationship with their clients who commission them to inspire experiences, and have thus built a number of long-term relationships.

M/M (Paris)’s works are in the collection of institutions such as Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Design Museum and Tate Modern in London and Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami. M to M of M/M (Paris), a monograph covering 20 years of their practice written by Emily King, with a foreword by Hans Ulrich Obrist, was published in 2012 by Thames & Hudson.