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Lizá Ramalho + Artur Rebelo (R2)

Portugal em vias de extinção

Lizá Ramalho + Artur Rebelo (R2)|Portugal em vias de extinção

Portugal em vias de extinção (Poster)

Poster to promote the magazine Portugal em Vias de extinção (Portugal on the verge of extinction), published by National Theatre Dona Maria II (Lisboa, Portugal) to serve as a guide to the homonyms cycle (comprised of shows, talks, concerts, workshops and book launches), that reflected about the desertification of the interior of the country, the gentrification of the popular neighborhoods, the lack of artisans and the disappearance of the cultural heritage.
At a conceptual level, the disappearance of a more rural Portugal is conveyed by means of the typographic composition: using the font, La Nord, the title of the magazine and the programming cycle constitute a core element of the poster. But the country’s name (Portugal) progressively disappears, until only its first letter remains. Since the project’s goal was to preserve memories from bygone times, we decided to use a photo of a shepherd, one of the professions that has fewer and fewer representatives in Portugal. Green and red ‒ the main colours of the Portuguese national flag ‒ stand out against the black typeface and landscape.
*Photo Illustration from photo of © Maria Joao Guardão

Lizá Ramalho + Artur Rebelo (R2)

Lizá Ramalho + Artur Rebelo (R2) (Portugal)
Lizá Defossez Ramalho and Artur Rebelo co-founded R2 design studio in 1998, in Porto. Their diverse practice ranges from printed matter to spatial interventions, with a strong focus on the cultural field.
Designers and art directors, their own practice encompasses installation, graphic identity, poster design, wayfinding systems, web design and motion projects for a wide array of cultural and commercial clients.
The multi-practice studio has received a number of international awards and honours, with some of its original pieces also held in international museum collections. Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo also coordinated several workshops and participated in various conferences in institutes and universities, and their work also extends to curating exhibitions and book publishing.
Artur Rebelo holds a PhD from the University of Coimbra (PT), where he currently teaches Design and Multimedia courses, while Lizá Ramalho holds a DEA from the University of Barcelona, where she is currently completing her PhD with a scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology.
They are both AGI members since 2007, and co- organised AGI Congress/Open in Porto, 2010.