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Konstantin Eremenko

One Artist’s Theater

Konstantin Eremenko|One Artist’s Theater
Konstantin Eremenko|One Artist’s Theater
Konstantin Eremenko|One Artist’s Theater

One Artist’s Theater (Book)

One Artist’s Theater is a book project initiated by Museum AZ. It is a visual story about artist Anatoly Zverev in photographs collected in Museum’s archive. This narrative shows artist’s daily life. The biggest part of the archive consists of amateur snapshots which are exist as unique imprints.
The main goal was to create a visual narration from unselected archive and transform it to a book shape. One of the difficulties was a character of the images we were working with, because most of the photographs have exposed portraits of one man.
Based on the fact, that big number of photographs were made for “home use” and are not able to considered as a piece of Art, the major element of design is a structure of space organising system. According this system all visual story was build on. A cover case of this book was made from transparent red plastic and has a strong reference to a darkroom workshop. This solution increases a photographic aesthetics of the project where the main protagonist is a painter.
At the first glance, it is a book about “the bottom” of a Soviet domestic live where the Artist was living. But through this superficial point of view, we can see the backstage story about his reality, not as a social environment, but as a beauty of his Art.

Konstantin Eremenko

Konstantin Eremenko (Russia)
Konstantin Eremenko is from Moscow, Russia. He graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2007 with Master of Art. Since2006 until 2013 he was co-founder and art director at Counterform studio. In 2015 he graduated from FHNW HGK Visual Communication Institute, The Basel School of Design with Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research. His creative direction covers a diverse range of fields including typography, packaging, posters and editorial design. Some of his projects were awarded at ED-Awards, D&AD, Red Dot Awards, German Design Award, iF Design Award, Joseph Binder Award, ISTD Typographic Awards, The Society of Typographic Arts, TDC New York, TDC Tokyo.