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Tsuguya Inoue

Wild: Untamed Mind “LANDSCAPE” / Wild: Untamed Mind

Tsuguya Inoue|Wild: Untamed Mind “LANDSCAPE” / Wild: Untamed Mind
Tsuguya Inoue|Wild: Untamed Mind “LANDSCAPE” / Wild: Untamed Mind
Tsuguya Inoue|Wild: Untamed Mind “LANDSCAPE” / Wild: Untamed Mind

Wild: Untamed Mind “LANDSCAPE” / Wild: Untamed Mind(Poster)

I look up to the sky more often than before. When watching the flow of clouds, the shapes of which are never the same, and mysterious movements of birds and insects, I delude myself into thinking that something is pulsing somewhere in the distance. This initial feeling takes me back to my childhood memories, which make me feel happy but somewhat uneasy. When I come across traces of changes in nature, such as protuberances and hollows, elevations and declines, collisions and mergers, etc., I sometimes discover an order hidden in things that on the surface appear chaotic.

When having contact with music and images in my daily life, I am strongly attracted to unexpected sounds and lights that burst out of the order.

Originally, only my right brain grew up in my younger days. Something unknown, fragile and soft is awakened by my wild self and soon disappears.

I was given the precious opportunity to work for the exhibition “Wild: Untamed Mind.” I completed the work thanks to the understanding of the members of “21_21 DESIGN SIGHT” and advice from Mr. Masayoshi Nakajo, and Mr. Shinichi Nakazawa, as well as the support of Taiyo Printing Co., Ltd. and the photographers concerned. I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to them and others.

Tsuguya Inoue

Tsuguya Inoue (Japan)
Born in 1947. Established Beans Co., Ltd. in 1978. Art director and graphic designer. Has been in charge of art direction in various fields including advertising, music, publishing and TV, and continues to engage in innovative, genre-crossing design work in the realms of photography and typography. Awards include the Tokyo ADC Grand Prize, First Prize and Members’ Prize; the Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize, TDC Award, Book Design Prize and Special Prize; the Yamana Award at the Japan Advertising Awards, and the Mainichi Design Award. Publications include “INOUE TSUGUYA GRAPHIC WORKS 1981-2007” and “INOUE TSUGUYA GRAPHICS TALKING THE DRAGON” (both published by Little More). Member of Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC and JAGDA.