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M/M (Paris)

Parco Campaign AW16, SS17 (Poster+Film)

M/M (Paris)|Parco Campaign AW16, SS17 (Poster+Film)
M/M (Paris)|Parco Campaign AW16, SS17 (Poster+Film)
M/M (Paris)|Parco Campaign AW16, SS17 (Poster+Film)
M/M (Paris)|Parco Campaign AW16, SS17 (Poster+Film)

Parco Campaign AW16, SS17 (Poster+Film)(Advertising Campaign)

In 1987, when we were studying graphic design in Paris, the Parco advertising campaigns were for us strong landmarks in the graphic design landscape. Those graphic art pieces helped the two of us to harden our belief that both art and commerce could both nourish each other to create contemporary culture. When one look back at the history of Parco images from the year 1973 till 1983, one stumble onto true gems. The work of Eiko Ishioka with Faye Dunaway eating an egg, for instance, is one of those ultimate piece that demonstrate that graphic design or art direction are not only a medium but a field of experimentation and expression where the combination between authorship, ethical position and poetical vision elevate some of its production to the status of legitimate art pieces.

 In 2014, we were approached by the Parco corporation trough Rocket to revive the name in relation to its department store. Honored by this commission we took this assignment very seriously as for us it felt urgent to prove that it was possible in our present time to reinterpret the spirit that was played in the glorious era of this brand.

 A territory, populated with original characters needed to be reinvented in order to build a new mythology.

 Fashion is about a sophisticated articulation between a time frame or capsule and its inhabitants,  we turned this matter of fact in a visual statement by commissioning internationally acclaimed fashion photographers such as Viviane Sassen and Jürgen Teller.

  We would love to make a complete circle of four consecutive years to truly reintegrate Parco within the curse of time for its best. excerpt

M/M (Paris)

M/M(Paris) (France)
Founded in 1992 Paris, France by Michael Amzalag (photo/left) & Mathias Augustyniak (photo/right) , creative unit who work based in Paris. They were active in fashion, art, music and design fields for nearly 20 years. Received the Tokyo TDC prize in 2003, 2004 (Grand Prix) and 2015. Their collaboration’s works includes A.P.C., Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Dior Homme, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto and Yves Saint Laurent. In music field, they won the Best Recording Package of the Grammy Award for Bjork “Biophilia”, and worked for many famous artist includes Vanessa Paradis, Kanye West and Madonna. Their editorial works of magazine includes Vogue Paris, Purple Fashion Magazine, Arena Homme+ and Interview Magazine.