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So Kanno + yang02


So Kanno + yang02|SEMI-SENSELESS DRAWING MODULES #2 – Letters
So Kanno + yang02|SEMI-SENSELESS DRAWING MODULES #2 – Letters
So Kanno + yang02|SEMI-SENSELESS DRAWING MODULES #2 – Letters


This is a drawing machine that draws “lines which do not make sense but look like letters/characters.” Artificial intelligence learns only the shape of hand-written letters/characters without understanding their meanings. Can machines extract something from people’s lives based on partial learning? Can they learn “feelings” that are difficult to verbalize? What can letter-like lines on the wall remind people of? (Kanno)

A group of reconstructed letter-like lines are drawn by a machine learning program that analyzes every stroke of hand-written letters/characters and learns from experience (accumulated data), based on an original idea (algorithm). These may be (functionless) new letters for the machine. I hope that the machine will function as a device that makes people think back to the “birth of letters/characters” before existing letters/characters were designed, and ask themselves, “What is type design?” (yang02)

So Kanno + yang02

So Kanno(Japan)
Graduated from Department of Science of Design, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University. Completed course in Media Creation at the Media Creation Department of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS).
Born in 1984. While making full use of technology, he focuses on phenomena unique to technology such as the relationship between signals and noise, as well as errors and glitches. He creates works to realize the things he wants to see and observe.

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1984. Completed course in Design at the Information Design Research Group of the graduate school of Tama Art University in 2009. On a foundation of digital media, he has created many works inspired by public domain expressions, such as the letter character designs of writings and graffiti, expressions associated with the human body, as well as street art and public art. He is currently active as a member of the design studio TYMOTE.