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Kaoru Kasai

TOKYO DESIGN WEEK “Hokusai Manga Inspired Exhibition”

Kaoru Kasai|TOKYO DESIGN WEEK “Hokusai Manga Inspired Exhibition”

TOKYO DESIGN WEEK “Hokusai Manga Inspired Exhibition”(Poster)

This work was part of the “Hokusai Manga Inspired Exhibition” at Tokyo Designers Week 2014. After hesitating for a while, I decided on the motif of a squid and an octopus, inspired by Hokusai’s painting of a giant octopus (but also for the simple reason that I love both). The picture isn’t something that I was having in mind from the beginning, but it just came out that way when putting myself in Hokusai’s position and drawing without thinking too hard. As the main ideas were to make it look like an ukiyo-e and to erase the traces of my own style, I eventually had it finished by a wood engraver (horishi) and a printer (surishi). When told that I had to give the work a title, the facial expressions of the two figures inspired me to name it “The octopus likes the squid, but the squid doesn’t like the octopus.”

Kaoru Kasai

Kaoru Kasai

Born in Sapporo in 1949; art director of SUN-AD Co., Ltd. Kasai has engaged in a variety of activities, including advertising production for Suntory Oolong Tea in longer term and UNITED ARROWS, LTD., art direction for TORAYA shops and packages, advertising art for movies and plays, and bookbinding. Recent works include: Bookbinding for IRON STILLS (written by Yasushi Handa and published by ADP) , Thinking Architecture (written by Peter Zumthor and published by Misuzu Shobo), advertisements for the TOYOTA 86 sports car; shop planning for TORAYA TOKYO, Video production of “Nakimushi Pierrot(crybaby pierrot)” introduced in “Minna no Uta” on NHK and JAGDA peace campaign poster “HIROSHIMA APPEALS 2013”. Kasai is also the author of Zuroku Kaoru Kasai 1968 (published by ADP).