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Ahn sam-yeol

Ahn Sam-Yeol(Hangul typefaces)

Ahn sam-yeol|Ahn Sam-Yeol(Hangul typefaces)
Ahn sam-yeol|Ahn Sam-Yeol(Hangul typefaces)

Ahn Sam-YeolHangul typefaces(Type Design)

Characters evolve with the history and culture of the country. However, the evolution of Hangul was discontinued by war in the process of modernization since 1900, and we were in an environment where it was difficult to correctly inherit the root of old typefaces.
Most of the Hangul typefaces currently used for body text are based on the typeface designed by Choi Jung-ho in the 1950s and have considerable traces of handwriting practice. Thus, I thought of reinterpreting the typeface in a modern sense. Ahn Sam-Yeol is rooted in the sense of beauty of the Choi Jung-ho typeface and is a trial with an addition of the contrast between horizontal & vertical writings and modern interpretation. I will continue to improve this typeface.
I am very happy to receive the Tokyo TDC Type Design Prize with my first typeface. Thank you.

Ahn sam-yeol

Ahn sam-yeol 

Ahn sam-yeol is graphic designer born (1971) and raised in Seoul, Korea. He graduated from department of visual communication design, hongik university in 1997.
He worked in ahn graphics (1997~2001) and several design offices. A few years ago, he interested in typeface design, while he worked independently, and start typeface design in 2011.