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Erich Brechbühl

Between me and tomorrow

Erich Brechbühl|Between me and tomorrow

Between me and tomorrow(Poster)

The Youth Theatre Sempach was founded in 1999. I was one of the co-founders. Since then every year I design the poster for the annual production. For me it’s always a challenge to find the essence of the play to create an eye-catching poster.
The 2012 production is called „Between me and tomorrow“. It’s a coming-of-age story located at a public swimming pool. Several young adults are talking about the problems at their age.
For the poster I decided to use an image of a single water wing losing air, showing in a simple way the transition from childhood to adulthood. Because a photograph was not very catchy, I illustrated it using the gradient mesh on Adobe Illustrator in a hyperrealistic manner. Because of that it was possible to use a luminous orange instead of dull CMYK colours. Placing the illustration as big as possible in the poster format, I made shure that the poster looks bigger than other posters hanging in the neighbourhood.

Erich Brechbühl

Erich Brechbühl
Erich Brechbühl was born on the 3rd of October 1977, and grew up in Sempach, Switzerland. After a typography apprenticeship near Lucerne (1994-1998) he began an apprenticeship in graphic design at the studio of Niklaus Troxler in Willisau (1998-2002). Then Erich moved to Germany where he did an internship at MetaDesign Berlin. Back in Lucerne he founded his own graphic design studio „Mixer“. Since 2007 he’s a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). 2009 he was co-founder of the poster festival „Weltformat“ in Lucerne.
A selection of Brechbühl’s awards and honors include: Gold prize, Student Section, Korea International Poster Biennale (2002); Bronze prize, China International Poster Biennial (2003); 2nd Prize, Trnava Poster Triennial (2006); Grand Prix, Lahti Poster Biennial (2007); 2nd Prize, Concours international d’affiches, Chaumont (2008); Grand Prix, Swiss Poster Award (2008); Golden Bee Award, Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design (2012).