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Chao Sioleong

Place-ACT2: Exhibition of Macao Contemporary Art

Chao Sioleong|Place-ACT2: Exhibition of Macao Contemporary Art

Place-ACT2: Exhibition of Macao Contemporary ArtPoster

Innovation is a process when suffering clashes with pleasant sensation, it is to controvert the ingrained assumption, common logical thinking and the aesthetic judgment. I constantly question and recognize myself just to discover more lovely, original and creative occurrence.

When I created this poster, I was trying not to use the frequent skill and vision, but to show more innovative element; my passion in design sustained in the process of taking risk and challenge.

Here, I am truly grateful to TDC for all the support.

Chao Sioleong

Chao Sioleong
In 1978 borron in China, in 2003 graduated from the Macao Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Ggraphic Communications. He wWorks in the Macao Museum of Art at present and engagesd in graphic design. His works have been exhibited in China, Macao, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Iran, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Finland.