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Tsuguya Inoue

Meisa Fujishiro’s photo collection, “Niku (Flesh)”

Tsuguya Inoue|Meisa Fujishiro’s photo collection, “Niku (Flesh)”

Meisa Fujishiro’s photo collection,  “Niku (Flesh)Book design

This is a collection of photographs of women, dogs and landscapes taken in Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil.

When I saw these contacts, I felt my muscles heat up with each blink of my eyes.

The “running lens” that high-speed photographer Meisa Fujishiro wields conjures up aspects of the “Word” and “Form” of “Flesh” that I have not been aware of.

Clouds dance voluptuously and melt into the river. The women tempt the photographer and their bodies laugh.

The language of photography takes form. Dogs slobber and frolic.

I am happy to have encountered these photographs.

Tsuguya Inoue

Tsuguya Inoue

Born in Miyazaki prefectire in 1947. Established Beans Co.,Ltd. in 1978. Past awards include Tokyo Art Directors’ Grand Prize and Member’s Prize, Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Advertising Award, Fuji Sankei Group Advertising Award, Dentsu Advertisement Award, The Third International Poster Grand Prix Prize Winner, Printing Industry Association President Award, and Secretary of Industrial Science & Technology Agency Prize at the National Exhibition of Posters and Catalogues.