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Kazuhide Abe

“Happy Feeling”series

Kazuhide Abe|“Happy Feeling”series
Kazuhide Abe|“Happy Feeling”series
Kazuhide Abe|“Happy Feeling”series

“Happy Feeling”series (Poster)
This is a trilogy comprising the “Cream Stew,” “Kodama” and “Acknowledgment” in the “Happy Feelings” series.
– When I opened the door, a warm honey aroma welcomed me.
– The rice balls I had when I went hiking were very good.
– I feel good when we can share our feelings.
I tried to retain these happy and precious feelings on paper. And having received such a wonderful award, my happy feelings have grown even more.
Toward the end of last year, about the time I was notified that I had won the award, I watched the TV drama “Kita No Kunikara.” As I sat in front of the TV, I felt that I became Hajime, Jun and Goro in the sense that the feelings they experienced were conveyed in an almost tactile manner, reminding me of myself in similar situations. I hope I managed to create my version of a tactile reminder of “good times” through this work.

Kazuhide Abe

Kazuhide Abe

Born in 1978. Graduated from Design Department of the Tokyo Polytechnic University. He is participating in Uchu Country Co., Ltd..Now he is a freelance graphic designer.