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Atsushi Hirano


Atsushi Hirano|LOVE
Atsushi Hirano|LOVE
Atsushi Hirano|LOVE

LOVE (Poster)
One day, when I was playing around with clay, a human was born. And when I continued kneading this human figure, it became the letter “A.” This was the starting point of this project.
I made several letters in this manner. Eventually, I narrowed down my theme and created a poster. Each of them includes a poem of love and the typography has been designed so that it matches the imagery conveyed in the poems.
For eternal love with which one loves another deeply and forever, I used bones, the ultimate form of human existence. For a repressive kind of love in which one strongly wants to control the other, I used bonsai, an art form where the person deliberately shapes a plant. And for the type of love in which one must always be with the other, I used rabbits, which are said to die from loneliness.
My hope is to provide a form in which typography becomes an integral part of the context.

Atsushi Hirano

Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1978. Graduated with a degree in graphic design from Tama Art University in 2003 and joined Mac Inc.