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Ralph Schraivogel


Ralph Schraivogel|CINEMAFRICA

“Cinemafrica” is a biannual African film festival in Zurich. This poster is the 6th one I designed for it. I started the series with a zebra pattern using black and white printing color. In the following posters it became a kind of a concept just to use black and white color in different order and in different transparency of white, when printed on top of black. (One exception that proofs the rule: in 97 I used silver in place of white.) Three times I printed on brown paper, like I did this time. The main thing that changes is the pattern. The poster is printed by Albin Uldry, silkscreen, 90,5 x 128cm

Ralph Schraivogel

Ralph Schraivogel
Born in Luzern, Switzerland in 1960. Graduated from the Zurich School of
Design in 1982. Since leaving school he works as an independent graphic designer mostly for
local cultural institutions, frequently for: the Zurich Museum of design, the Zurich repertory cinema “Film Podium”, and the African Film Festival “Cinemafrica”. From 1992 until 2001 he has been teaching at the Zurich School of Design and he was a guest professor at the HdK “Hochschule der Kunste” in Berlin.