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Peter Cho

Interactive typography “letterscapes”

Peter Cho|Interactive typography “letterscapes”

Interactive typography “letterscapes”(Interactive design)
Letterscapes is a collection of twenty-six interactive typographic landscapes, encompassed within a dynamic, dimensional environment. In each landscape, a letter of the alphabet serves as the starting point for a playful, mouse-driven experience. This project poses the question, “How do you play a letter?” In each case, the letterform is reimagined in a virtual two-dimensional or three-dimensional space, and the user can “play” the letter as one would play a game, or a musical instrument.
Letterscapes, by Peter Cho, combines research in interactive typographic forms he completed as a student at the MIT Media Laboratory Aesthetics and Computation Group with client-based work of the past few years.

Peter Cho

Peter Cho 
A designer and programmer based in San Francisco. Recent projects include installation work for the Asia Society Museum in New York City, interface design for the University of Minnesota Design Institute, and motion and interactive branding pieces for IBM.
After holding a masters degree from the MIT Media Laboratory. Researched the possibilities for interactive and dynamic typographic forms as a member of the Aesthetics and Computation Group. His past awards include ID Magazine, Print Magazine, Ars Electronica, and the Tokyo TDC.