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Non-TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize
Melchior Imboden

Poster for Art Museum Lucerne”Imi Knoebel, Art Exhibition, Art Museum Lucerne”

Melchior Imboden|Poster for Art Museum Lucerne”Imi Knoebel, Art Exhibition, Art Museum Lucerne”

Poster for Art Museum Lucerne
“Imi Knoebel, Art Exhibition, Art Museum Lucerne”

When the curator of the Art-Museum of Lucerne was organising the Exhibition of Imi Knoebel he asked me to create a poster for his newest work DAY AND NIGHT & COLOURFUL, I was delighted. The more I studied his work, the more I was fascinated. I was interested in how he used so many different colours in such an experimental way. And how he put painted aluminum pieces together and created a number of images in a variety of sizes, scales and dimensions. There is no colour he wouldn’t use. During recent years he’s using more and more new colours in his work, but it’s not enough for him because the aspect of colours needs a deep understanding of his painting and the hole spectrum of interpretation of his art. After familiarising myself with his work, I then tried to put different fields of different spectrums of colours together with type letters. The artist made me realize how wonderful and fascinating a work with colours, lines fields combined with typographical work can be.

Melchior Imboden

Melchior Imboden
Born in Stans, Switzerland in 1956. He studied Graphic Design at the Art School of Lucerne and started his own Graphic Studio in ’92. His main activities are in the field of poster design, book design and catalogue design for art and photo exhibitions and other cultural institutions. He was participant of many International Exhibitions, including Essen, Chaumont, Brno, Warsaw, Toyama, Ogaki, Trnava, Colorado, Helsinki, Lahti and Moscow. His works are included in many different collections. His Art-Exhibition posters have been awarded several prizes,including ’94 Gold Medal at the 16th International Poster Biennial in Brno, ’95 Special Prize at the 11th International Poster Biennial in Helsinki, ’96 Silver Medal at the 15th International Poster Biennial in Warsaw, ’96 First Prize IBCC Award at the World poster-winners competition at the Golden Bee 3 in Moscow.