Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021

(delivered on September 1, 2020)


Tokyo TDC will hold the “Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021” competition this autumn.

The entry submission deadline is October 20, 2020.


Under the COVID-19 pandemic, Tokyo TDC did its best and held, in a possible form, an exhibition in Tokyo presenting the results of Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2020 and a design forum involving prizewinners, and now needs to face the challenge of devising a new form for submission and judging of “Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021,” to be held this autumn in 2020, as mentioned further above.


Considering the handling situation of international postal mail in Japan and the safety of volunteer students, who make great contribution to the selection of prizewinning works every year, Tokyo TDC has made the tough decision of adopting an online method for entry and selection.

Our ideas:


  Entry submission in the form of digital data: The entry deadline is October 20, 2020. We will make video material attachment possible for applicants that want to relay print texture or for books or other types of artwork.


  A total of 400 excellent pieces of artwork for the annual book will be selected in mid-November. At the same time, 100 nominee pieces of artwork will be selected from among the 400 pieces of artwork. Tokyo TDC will promptly request the applicants of the 100 pieces of artwork to send their actual work for presentation at our exhibition. The 100 delivered pieces of actual artwork will be displayed, and the prizewinning works will be decided in mid-December.

We, who decided to adopt this method, are actual designers, and we understand the problems inherent in this method. We would like to further and carefully evaluate the entries.


We believe that all applicants have been proceeding with their artwork and productions with great care amid such a difficult situation. Some may have worked on an experimental design. The form of entry is a little different from usual, but we are open to all entries, as usual, and we are looking forward to seeing all the incoming artwork.


Currently, we are preparing the award entry guidelines. Please bear with us for a little longer.