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Amit Pitaru&James Paterson,

Amit Pitaru&James Paterson|,
Amit Pitaru&James Paterson|, design)
In 1997 I started as a vessel for exploring my early interest in computational media. Formerly a musician, I slowly extended my skills from composition to programming. The transition was smoother than I would have expected, and much of my work today tries to explore the reasons for it being so.
Around the same time, James Paterson shared similar experience from the perspective of a visual artist with Although visual and audio are separated by our senses, they share hidden structural and symbolic attributes. Today James and I explore these commonalities together via
Musicians and Painters have had the luxury of working with instruments that evolved over centuries, such as the piano and the paintbrush. Lacking such refined instruments in the software realm, we have dedicated our efforts to creating custom instruments that facilitate our work. It is the craft of Interaction Design that differentiates between a constraining instrument and one that promotes progress. We are honored that the Tokyo TDC has noted our work in the field of Interaction Design by the Tokyo Type Directors Club.
*insertsilence;Founded in 2001, InsertSilence is a common identity/brand that Amit Pitaru and James Paterson share when working together. Their work has recently been shown at London Design Museum, The London Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), The Pompidou Center in Paris, The Sundance Film festival, The Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Israeli Art Museum. Insertsilence have recently collaborated on work for Bjork, Mick Jagger, Diesel and Sony PlayStation2.

Amit Pitaru&James Paterson

Amit Pitaru

Amit Pitaru (b.1974) writes software to facilitate his work and research in the fields of audio-visual art, print and interaction design. Pitaru has exhibited and performed concerts in Europe, Asia, and America. As an educator, Pitaru develops curriculums that focus on the coupling of computation-design and creative thought process. He currently teaches at Pratt Institute and New York University’s ITP. Born in Jerusalem, Pitaru currently resides in New York with his wife Makiko.


James Paterson

James Paterson is a visual artist who also works as an illustrator, broadcast & web designer. Paterson’s synthesis of drawing, animation and programming has attracted the attention of a variety of galleries and clients worldwide. His work exists online at two primary sites: (his personal space) and (shared with Amit Pitaru). James was born in London, England in 1980 and currently lives in Montreal, Canada.